Small Business Solutions

Small Business Solutions

Powered by Canada’s best national network.

Mobility Plans
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Take advantage of great deals for Small Businesses on Canada’s best 5G network.

  • New to Bell? Port-in credits can help offset the cost of cancelling with your current provider.
  • Already with Bell? Switching to Small Business plans could help you save money!
  • Running a business from home? You can still sign up for Small Business plans, and our team can help.
  • Don’t have time to manage your account? Let our dedicated agents manage it for you.

Don’t sacrifice on speed, reliability, and coverage when it matters most – when your customers need to reach you. Excell’s team is ready to help you get the best value on the Bell network – click below and talk to us today!

Internet & TV

Internet & TV

Whether it’s video calls, huge email attachments, or a long lineup at your point-of-sale, the demand for faster Internet never lets up, and downtime is not an option. Switch to Bell and experience the speed and reliability of Pure Fibre Internet at great prices.

  • Unlimited usage and speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • Wi-Fi Pods can expand wireless coverage in your building and eliminate pesky dead zones
  • Backup cellular Internet keeps your business going in the unlikely event of an outage
  • Add TV services and connect up to 5 screens with a huge selection of channels – great for waiting rooms and restaurants
  • Professional installation, and when you work with Excell, optional services for configuring your router and migrating your services from any existing provider.

Why settle for anything less than the fastest, most reliable Internet service for your business? Contact Excell today and get a quote within minutes. Our team will help you select the right plan and ensure that your services are installed without any disruption to your business.



Business Telephone

It’s the lifeline of almost every business around the world, and no one does it better in Canada than Bell. If you’re frustrated with the call quality and reliability of your current provider, make the switch and get back to running your business.

  • Terrific bundle discounts when you subscribe to Phone and Internet
  • Choose a basic line, or one that’s packed with features like Call Forwarding, Voicemail, 3-Way Calling, and Caller ID
  • Line hunting capability, if you need to connect multiple lines to a phone system
  • When you work with Excell, we can help ensure that your migration is seamless, including optional cabling and telephone system programming services.

Don’t miss another call – click below to sign up with Bell today and take advantage of great offers!



Bell Total Connect

Bell Total Connect

Looking for modern phone system features without the hassle of managing one? Bell Total Connect is the answer – built with Bell reliability, and without compromising on call quality.

  • Works with modern VoIP phones (Ethernet cabling) or tradition analog phones, including cordless
  • Runs as an app on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone – take your extension anywhere!
  • Programmable auto-attendant that can answer calls for your business and route according to your needs, including forwarding to a cell number
  • Easy-to-use web interface for configuring greetings, voicemail, and more.

Contact Excell for a quote today, and when you sign up with us, take advantage of optional professional installation services to ensure you get the most out of your service.


Security and

Security and Automation

Keep your business assets secure, your employees safe, and reduce your operating costs with Business Security and Automation.

  • Professional 24/7 monitoring that will dispatch emergency services to your premises when needed
  • Live video monitoring, plus access to recorded footage, from anywhere
  • Manage your thermostats, lights, alarms, locks, and more from the app
  • Easily create schedules and receive notifications for key events – for example, if your business is not opened on time.

Powered by, Bell’s Business Security and Automation service can give you priceless piece of mind for less than a dollar a day. Click below to get in touch, and one of our specialists will prepare a customized quote for your business.


Why work with Excell?

Excell Communications works with businesses like yours to tailor Bell solutions to the needs of our customers. We are a full-service authorized Bell dealer, and our team of experts can help you navigate the complex world of Bell telecom solutions. We handle the details and provide truly “white glove” account management, so that you can spend your valuable time doing what you do best.

Small Business FAQ

Small Business rate plans typically offer better value when compared to regular Consumer rate plans (lower monthly price). There are also Port-in credits available on Small Business plans, which reduce the monthly price even further if you bring your lines over to Bell from a competitor (Rogers, Telus, etc.). There are often additional Multi-line offers that reduce the rate plan on the second, third, fourth, etc. lines when adding additional lines on a Small Business account.

It is your decision as to who you give lines to on a Small Business account. Ultimately  the business (or you personally depending on account setup) are responsible for covering any charges associated with the account.

Bell Business Internet speed, while typically very close to the advertised value, is considered “best effort” – it may fluctuate based on network demand, and is not guaranteed. Additionally, a wireless connection will typically not be as fast as a wired one, and so if you have a 940 Mbps connection, the speed limit of your wireless network will ultimately determine your experience. If you need guaranteed upload/download bandwidth, super-fast Wi-Fi, or both, consider speaking to one our representatives about Bell Internet Dedicated and a customized network solution for your business.

FTTB refers to fiber-optic cabling brought directly to the premises occupied by the business, and offers the fastest available speeds (up to 940 Mbps upload and download). FTTN refers to fiber-optic cabling brought to a location (node) that is close to the business i.e. in the same neighbourhood, but the connection from the node to the business is traditional copper wire (up to 100 Mbps download, 10 Mbps upload).

An IP address is uniquely assigned to each device on the Internet, including every Bell modem. Normally, this IP address will change from time to time, as it is assigned randomly from a pool of addresses. With a static IP, the IP address assigned to the modem will remain unchanged. This is useful from a security perspective; for example, a cloud service can be configured to only permit connections from a known static IP address belonging to the business, and attempts to access from elsewhere will be blocked automatically. As long as your physical address is registered as a business, you can obtain a static IP from Bell as an add-on to your Internet service.

The Hub 2000 provided with your Bell Internet Service acts as a modem, router, basic firewall, and Wi-Fi access point – all in a single device. However, your business may need more advanced VPN, wireless, and other networking capability through equipment provided by you or your IT supplier. In that case, the Hub 2000 can be configured in “bridge mode” so that it acts as a modem only, while all other functions are handled by your equipment. Switching the Hub 2000 to bridge mode is as simple as calling Bell Internet Technical Support and requesting the change, which they can complete remotely.

You can have to 6 receivers on an FTTN (Fiber to the Node) account, or up to 10 receivers on a FTTB (Fiber to the Business) account.

The short answer is no – all you need is a regular analog phone, or a multi-line phone if you have more than one phone line. However, when used in conjunction with a professionally configured phone system, you can use your Bell lines to handle multiple calls at the same time, transfer calls between phones within your business, and much more. Our professional installers can help you get the most out of your telephone service.

If you have more than one telephone line for making and receiving calls, but only one primary phone number where customers call you, “line hunting” will cause a 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. lines to ring if the previous line was in use. This allows a group of lines, or hunt group, to be reachable by a single number, as a busy line will “roll over” to the next line when the main number (also called the “pilot number”) is dialed. It is important as well that the pilot number is configured as the outbound caller ID number, so that if any line in the hunt group is used to place a call, the other party will see the pilot number on their caller ID and can thus identify the business calling them.

BTC is like regular telephone service, but with many other advantages. Think of it as having the capabilities of a modern phone system, without having to maintain a system – because it resides in Bell’s cloud. What’s more, you’re not limited to a desk phone – BTC can run on your desktop computer or smartphone, so you can take your extension anywhere. BTC can also handle all of your voicemail and auto-attendant functionality, giving you a sophisticated menu for greeting your customers when they call.

The small business version of BTC supports up to 8 extensions, and it works with any regular analog phone, or with a modern VoIP phone (supplied by Bell). If you need more than 8 extensions, contact our sales team to discuss the larger-scale version of BTC that can support as many extensions as you need, on a dedicated voice platform, complete with WebEx video conferencing capabilities.

In addition to your alarm system and security cameras, BSA can allow you to control supported devices, such as lights, plugs, thermostats, and garage doors, from your smartphone. You can also set schedules and notifications – for example, adjusting a thermostat based on business hours, or sending you a text message when the alarm has not been armed outside of business hours.

BSA includes 24/7 alarm monitoring for your business, so in addition to being to able to view surveillance cameras at any time, a professional agent will call you and dispatch police in the event of a break-in or other security event. And for your peace of mind, the app is protected by Multi-Factor Authentication, so that unauthorized users cannot gain control of your system.


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