As of May 1, 2019, Kawartha Cellular Plus Inc. and its locations have been acquired by Excell Communications. Click here to learn more.
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Bell Rate Plans

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Add a Connected Car
Monthly Service Fee $10.00 no term
$15.00 on a 2-year term
Data Included Share the data from your plan with your connected car.
Bonus Get 1 GB per month of shareable data for 24 months.
Additional Data Usage Rate $10.00/100 MB up to 500 MB, $0.12/MB thereafter
Contract Monthly for $10 or 2-year for $15
Connection Fee $40.00
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Bell Connected Car Monitor driving activity, get performance alerts and track the location of your vehicle in real time with Bell Connected Car. Plus, connect up to five devices with an in-car hotspot on Canada’s best national network.

Region: Ontario