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Smart/Phone Care Plans

$11/$14/$17/$20 per month

Buy a new device and get a limited 12-month warranty for manufacturer’s defects and malfunctions. Smart/Phone Care plans give you additional coverage and peace of mind, knowing that you don’t have to pay the full replacement value of your device, which can be up to $1,500.¹
The best time to enroll in a Smart/Phone Care plan is at time of activation or upgrade. You can also enroll within 30 days of activation or upgrade by visiting any Bell store for a visual inspection of your device. Previously damaged or defective units are not eligible for the program.²

Smart/Phone Care with the Device Return Option
  • Protect your device with extended warranty coverage for manufacturer's defects beyond the original 12 months.
  • All plans include physical damage, power surge, liquid damage, loss/theft*, normal wear and tear, and up to 2 replacements
Basic devices and select smartphones, tablets & smartwatches
Select smartphones, tablets & smartwatches
  • $14/month
  • Includes service replacement fees up to $299
Premium smartphones & tablets
  • $17/month
  • Includes service replacement fees up to $399
Select premium smartphones & select premium tablets
  • $20/month
  • Includes service replacement fees up to $599
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¹Note: failure to return policy costs are in addition to replacement costs.
²To complete your enrollment and for coverage to take effect, a phone call must be completed to or from the covered phone or smartphone and a minimum of 1 KB data session for tablets and Turbo Sticks. Smart/Phone Care Plans do not cover phones on prepaid accounts, SIM cards, or accessories (including batteries and chargers).

³As long as you subscribe to Smart/Phone Care.
*If your device is lost or stolen, call Bell Mobility immediately at 1 800 667-0123 to suspend service and prevent unauthorized use.





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