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Smartwatch plan – for customers with shareable data plans

One-time $35 connection charge; $10 per month

The Smartwatch plan with NumberShare syncs your iPhone with Apple Watch Series 3. It lets you share the voice and data from your existing Bell Share plan so you can make or receive calls and access the Internet with your smartwatch, only from Bell.
Your smartphone mobile phone number is extended to your watch – voice and text is then shared via NumberShare™. A Smartwatch plan is activated directly from Apple Watch Series 3. Simply follow the on-screen instructions when you first pair Apple Watch Series 3 with your phone.

Add a smartwatch to your current Share plan for $10/mo.
A $35 one-time connection charge applies on your first bill.
Additional data is $0.10/MB

Bonus:  Get an additional 1 GB of shareable data.



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